These are the results of my first multiplayer race in RaceRoom. I just tried to be steady and avoid any mistakes.

Worked almost perfectly, but now I have to get faster. To be honest, I still have no idea how to drive on the Nürburgring Grand Prix track (not Nordschleife)… ;) 🎮

My goal: I want to race on the Nordschleife before my 45th birthday.

Found the RCN GLP series a few days ago and now I can’t stop thinking about to get my BMW Z3 ready to race… ;)

Problem: I need a hardtop to participate. :o

I… did… it. P3. 👍🎮

Any Sim Racers out there? RaceRoom, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2? 🎮

P7 on the Nordschleife. Lost a believed third place in the last lap…

This was my first GT3 race on the Nordschleife in RaceRoom, so I am (still) happy with the result. AI was set to 95 % with 35 opponents.

This seems to be fun! :) 🎮